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Generally People get some questions on SEO like
1.) What is SEO
2.) How it will helps to Improove business and website?
Here we are trying to give smll description about SEO with our knowledge
SEO Only source to get results from website.When user come to search engine and enter his keyword search engine provides 4 lines for each website. Have a look on below image for how GOOGLE shows website
Have a look on below image

When we observe above pic user entered "Freelance Web Designing in Hyderabad". Google showing Results in this result
1) No.1 row is tittle of the website
2) No . 2 row is url of the website
3) No . 3 & 4 rows are Description of the website
all these information we have to provide on head section of HTML page according to our keywords
(i.e) on which keyword we wants to come our website in google first page

* Here one thing we should remeber in mind all information which we are providing it should be Fresh genuine should not copy from others websites and any other place because all search engines are easily find if use others information *

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